Please Send in Your Apple iMac G5 Pictures

Please send in your pictures for posting on the website. I plan on using this area for documenting various aspects of the Apple iMac G5 Computers.

There is a ton of Apple iMac G5 information regarding troubleshooting and repairing iMac motherboards and power supplies. With the different variations of iMac G5 PowerPC and Intel based computers manufactured by Apple, it is important to try and document as much of the information as possible for the MAC Users.

Since Apple is reluctant (understandably so) to provide detailed schematics of their products to be used for trouble shooting purposes, it will be even more important as time goes on to provide the helpful tips, insights, modifications, and repair reports at the forefront for all the MAC User Groups and Apple users around the world.

When you send in your pictures of the inside and outside of your Apple iMac, please provide the model number and serial number of the particular iMac in question. This will be helpful in providing historical data for trouble shooting purposes.

Please use the direct “James” email link below to send your pictures.

Thank you.

Best regards,