Trouble in Threes

Garage DoorThe weekend started off with a boom. Heard the garage door start to open then with a loud crash heard it fall with a loud boom. Sectional two car wood garage door dropped about three feet after one of the main coiled springs busted. This caused the garage door opener slide gear to strip out also. So, we decided to keep our cars in the garage over the weekend, until we got it fixed on Monday. However, the extent of repairs included 10 new nylon roller guide roller bearings to replace the falling apart steel (very noisy) ball bearings, two new cables to replace the frayed stainless steel cables (which were ready to break themselves) which are attached to each side bottom section and wraps around the top pulley assemblies, replacement of two new coil springs for lifting and balancing the door, and one new carriage slide for the garage door opener assembly. Well, now all is quiet on the western front (front of the house faces west).

So, Tuesday rolls around. The wife calls me, “Jim the dryer stopped working!” Oh boy, just what I wanted to hear on a Tuesday morning. The symptom was that the dryer stopped turning. So, I decide to pull it apart, (what a pain)!

However, I found a Repair Clinic website that provides videos on how to disassemble all types of dryers (both electric and natural gas) that was quite helpful. But, it still did not help me figure out what the problem was. Our dryer is a natural gas dryer. All switches checked out okay, drum belt was also okay, and yes, I had AC power to the dryer. In my mind, it was either the timer or the drive motor itself. However, it could have been something else that I might have overlooked. No matter now, since the dryer was a number of years old, we decided to get another one for delivery tomorrow on Wednesday. I put everything back together (somewhat). The drum is now filled with spare parts. 🙂

Now, Tuesday evening rolls along, and I sit in my favorite swivel rocking chair, and I hear a loud spring pop. Oh boy, now the spring swivel assembly needs to be replaced. What a pain in the rear.

Big Redwood TreeOne thing that is certain in life is that everything wears out. Hopefully that is all for now, since everything seems to happen in threes. However, I am not sure when the first of three happened. Was it the redwood trees (my how fast redwoods grow from 6 feet to 70 ft tall with 3 foot diameter trunks) with roots that cracked the pool plumbing lines? Was it the cost of cutting these redwoods down, not to mention the cost of fixing the pool? Was it the wind storm that blew the fence down? Was it the broken windshield from a rock coming off that dump truck? Was it when I tripped up the step, and skinned my shin? Oh boy, it’s a good thing I lost count. 🙂

Hiller Air Museum

Helicopters of 20th Century

A while back, my wife and I went on a field trip for one of her extra, ongoing, lifetime, college courses to the Hiller Aviation Institute, Museum, Education and Research Center. The Hiller Air Museum is located at 601 Skyway Road, San Carlos, CA 94070. The hours of operation are from 10am to 5pm, 7days a week. Admission as of this writing is Adults – $11.00, Seniors (Age 65+) $7.00, Youths (5-17) $7.00, and Children (4 and under) free with paid adult.

This is a really fun place to take in the sights and sounds of aviation history. There are a large number of exhibits to take in. There is even a Boeing 747-136 forward section of the fuselage with the cockpit on full display that is available for viewing and even sit down in the pilot’s or copilot’s seat to move a knob or two on the avionics control panels.

The Diamond 1911

Old Airplanes

There were some really cool old airplanes of yesteryear to view above your head. And there were indeed some wild looking contraptions that never got off the ground.

1908 Odd Non Flying Contraption

This is definitely a fun place to spend a half a day, or more, if you are really into the history of aviation.

Here are a few more pictures of things to view at the Hiller Air Museum.

1929 Stinson

The 1929 Stinson

1909 Wright Engine

Pictured above is the 1909 Wright Engine. “This is one of two airworthy copies of the 1909 Wright engine built by John Palmer. One will be used to power a replica of Robert Fowler’s 1911 Model ‘B’ airplane. The airplane will be displayed here with an original 1911 engine. This engine was built in 1998 at Campbell, CA, with the assistance of William Renaud. 30 horsepower, 170 lb. dry weight.

Working on Airplane

In addition to this being a place for adults to spend some leisurely activity, it is a great place for field trips for school students of all ages. The staff is quite knowledgeable and provides various types of guided tours and hands on activities. For more information, visit for the details published online.

Have Fun!

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