The Swiss Army Knife King Big Brand Image

Are you looking for that perfect present for the hard to get person? Well, here is the perfect all-in one present for the person that has everything. I bet he doesn’t have this though.


Wenger, manufacturer of the Giant Swiss Army Knife has packed everything but the kitchen sink into this puppy. You can be the first on the block to say you own a Wenger Swiss Army Knife collectors addition of the best name in knives, the king of all Swiss Army Knives. Item No: 16999, Weight: 2 Pounds, Size: 8.75 Inches,  Color: Red, and the price tag for that special person on your list is $1400.00. By-the-way, shipping is free.

This Swiss Army knife has 87 implements and 141 functions some of which include: Corkscrew, Official World Scout Knife 2.5” Blade, 2.5” 60% serrated locking blade, many other blades, Phillips screwdriver bit 0, 1, and 2, flat head screwdrivers bits 0.5mm, 0.6mm, and 1.0mm, patented locking screwdriver, fine metal file with precision screwdriver, golf club face cleaner, divot repair tool, double-cut wood saw with ruler, removable tool for adjusting spokes on a wheel, universal wrench, adjustable pliers with wire crimper and cutter, chisel-point reamer, spring-loaded locking flat nose needle-nose pliers, nail file, nail cleaner, 2.4” spring-less scissors with serrated self-sharpening design, compass, mineral crystal magnifier, straight edge, ruler (in./cm), telescopic pointer, fishing hook disgorger, line guide, fish scaler, metal file, metal saw, flashlight, micro scrapers straight and curved, pin punch, round needle file, special self-centering screwdriver for gun sights, awl, toothpick, cap lifter, can opener, fiber optic tool holder, and a laser pointer with 300 ft. range.

I’m sure I missed a few of the product specifications, but with 87 implements you would forget them too. Take a look at the picture and visit the original one and only Wenger Swiss Army Knife manufacturer today. By-the-way, I like Swiss Army Knives. Don’t leave home without your trusty Swiss Army Knife today.

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