Domain Name Selective Administrative Access

Is it possible to provide domain access control to only one domain name in my account for someone else, but not provide access to any of my other domain names?

I spoke with a representative at GoDaddy on the phone regarding that question.

He sent me this information on how to do it.

His answer:
“Yes. You basically invite someone else through an email to a specific area.”

He sent me the three links below.

Granting AccountExec Access to Domain Folders’ may be helpful to you. Here’s a link: Granting AccountExec Access to Domain Folders.

Adding Users as AccountExecs may be helpful to you. Here’s a link: Adding Users as AccountExecs.

Adding Domains to Domain Folders’ may be helpful to you. Here’s a link: Adding Domains to Domain Folders.

  1. The way to do it is, you create a “Domain Folder” in your account.
  2. You then move the specific domain name (actually, copy the domain name) to the “Domain Folder” you just created.
  3. Then, you give access to the “Domain Folder” via sending someone an email initiation to gain access to that domain name, that now is located in your account “Domain Folder.” You can assign selective administrative rights, such as: providing access to name servers, subdomains, and hosting, or full administrative, or no administrative rights.
  4. The person receiving the email invitation for Account Execs can either open a new account with GoDaddy, or use an already established account with GoDaddy for administrative access for this new domain name. The domain name would be in a special folder location on the Domain Manager, where the domain name would be accessible from.

I tried this feature out for a client that needed to provide access to one domain only, for a non profit group on one of his domain names, while retaining full domain name registration ownership and control of the domain name itself without providing access to any of his other domain names in his GoDaddy account.

This is the ideal setup for allowing webmasters to have access to a domain name at your personal GoDaddy account, while still protecting all your domain registration rights from others. However, I strongly suggest you have more than one person that has access to the domain names themselves. Heaven forbid, you never know when something might happen to one individual and if that one individual only has the password and account information for the domain name registration, it will be lost with them. This would be very bad news for a company that has their domain name protected so securely that no one else would be able to gain access for the domain registration, not even other company owners or insiders.


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