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Open Letter to Google And Blogger,

Reference: Blogger Buzz: Updates and Bug Fixes for August 14th

Blogger Update

12/06/08 Just want to let the Google Guys and Gals know that as of this date I still had a bug with my According to Jim blog not displayed in my Blogger dashboard no matter what I did, (though it showed up in my Jim’s Blogger Profile). I’ll let everyone know when it gets there or I hear from the Google Crew. It’s not hidden, it’s just “gone missing” from the dash, but still accessible backwards through the post quick edits when I’m logged in to my Blogger account.

12/14/08 The Blogger Dashboard missing blog DIY fix and repair is quite involved, but cool if I do say so my self. More to follow in new a post with details of how I did it. Read addendum below and My Blogger Update Posting.

Please Email me.

According to this posting from Blogger the new feature was to provide more functionality. “There’s a new look for the Blogger Dashboard, which we think you’ll find more attractive and functional. If you have a ton of blogs (as we do) try out the “hide” and “show all” links to help manage the list.”

Well I tried it, and here is the hidden scoop.

Missing Blogs in The Blogger Dashboard

I am having a problem of the missing blogs in the Blogger Dashboard area ever since the Blogger dashboard update. Some readers have suggested that it is a case of not clearing the cache and cookies in the browser. I can assure everyone out in Internet land that it is not the clearing the cache and cookies problem in my browser(s) and computer(s) that is causing the problem.

What happens is that when “Show all” is clicked, it shows all and then when I click the “Always show” button next to the blog itself, it toggles to “Hide” except I still have one blog that is hidden permanently from the dashboard. However, the number count of the blogs shown is never updated. When I do a refresh again, the blogs are hidden again no matter what I do.

When Blogger added the “Show all” and “Hide” blogs Javascript from the dashboard, this is when my blogs started disappearing from the dashboard.

To check out some other blogs in my account, I tried hiding other blogs from the dashboard. This did indeed hide them, but now they stay hidden permanently. “Show All” works temporarily but does not latch to “always” when clicking the “Always show.” Now, only a few of the blogs “Always show.”

I tried several other computers (both Mac and PC) to verify that the problem is not the cache.

I tried four different browsers. (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome)

Nothing I have tried makes any difference what so ever.

Note: I have blogs that are both FTP setup with blogs hosted on other servers, plus

Also note that this “According to Jim” blog that you are actually reading which completely disappeared from the dashboard, (except I can still get to it with the edit tool from a posting, at the actual url address) was setup with ftp publishing to begin with, and did not assign a blogspot address when originally created. I tried changing it to a blogspot url address but it still would not show up in the dashboard area. I subsequently switched back to my own custom domain name. I also added the blog to another Blogger account (see link below), but it will not show up at that dashboard either.

However, this blog does show up in the Blogger profiles pages of both though. This is really strange that it will show in the profile but will not display in the dashboard.

It really seems that the new javascript is the main problem.

I’m at my wits end.

Blogger used to have a contact form for problems, however they have discontinued that service. It’s frustrating not being able to contact Blogger anymore. Note: I have posted this on the Blogger Help Groups too, with no response.

Blogger please help.

Thank you


PS To post this posting I had to do the end-around link (through the quick edit link on a blog post, when logged into my Blogger account) to the Posting, Settings, and Template area of this blog, and then create a new posting.


12/14/08 I took matters into my own hands. The hidden blog in the Blogger Dashboard fix is quite involved and there are some precautions that must be taken into account before tackling the problem.

12/16/08 For those in Internet land, I have now documented the procedure online of how to do it, with the complete details. This detailed how-to procedure for Blogger is posted at My Blogger Update. Hint, importing and exporting blogs are the keys to technical success.


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Jim Warholic

Hello Folks,

Just a little bit of a Blogger Dashboard problem update. The blogs are now displaying in the dashboard area for all but one. The one that is missing and even doesn’t show as hidden is this one itself.

I’m missing the root blog of from showing up in the Blogger Dashboard. However, it does display in the profile area.

The way I have been getting to this blog to write new posts or update the template area is by navigating to the blog through the edit post link, and then navigate to the Posting, Settings, Template, Create, Edit Posts, and Moderate Comments tab areas when logged into Blogger.

Note once again that this blog was originally created using FTP publishing only. I subsequently tried adding a Blogspot address and even assigned another account name, but it still does not show up even on the other account name Blogger Dashboard area. This problem began when the dashboard was updated several months ago, and the blog simply disappeared from being able to be accessed from the Blogger dashboard.

Looking for help folks.


Peri Amble

I just commented and chose ‘preview’ to check spelling — and my comment has disappeared. I can’t log onto my blog or my email.
Error message bx-x2qlz6


Jim Warholic

If anyone else is having a similar problem of a blog hidden completely off the Blogger Dashboard area, please post it here. I would be curious if it has to do with FTP publishing, Custom Domain name publishing, or even the Blogger hosted ( or not. At least, it would be helpful to compare notes and see if there is a pattern.

Like I said in the posting, maybe it has to do with an FTP published blog that never had a address to begin with. Just a theory.

Or, if you don’t want to post the Blogger information here, you can email me directly with your website information using the link below.


Matt Peloquin

I’m about to click your solutions link since i’m having the same problem.

For me, I was luckily able to remember the blog ID since i started the blog in 2003 and there weren’t as many blogs on blogger. So I made a direct URL to the “edit posts” page on my homepage/desktop and can access my blog (

The reason I did a search (and found your page here) was because I did a right-click and used the “blogthis” plugin on firefox today for the first time. In doing so, my blog News appeared in the dropdown options. Yet when I opened another window for the dashboard, it wasn’t there…as usual.


I can’t get to my blog either google says i have 11 blogs, only shows 10… i am desperately trying to get to the one missing. I did set it up with ftp and custom domain when they allowed this.. 🙁 who do you contact at google?

Jim Warholic

Try this: Once you log in to Blogger, then go to the blog itself that is missing from the dashboard area. Then you should have the little edit pencil links to edit the posts. Once you click the edit link, then you should be able to navigate to the blog setup itself. Then, you can export the blog posts and save the information, and then create a new blog.

I suspect the problem is with the way it was originally set up via FTP, without possibly having a Blogger address to begin with. The other thing that I am curious about; did the blog all of a sudden disappear from the Blogger Dashboard?

Just to be sure, also try using different browsers and logging into Blogger to see if the blog shows up there. Make sure you click the link to show all blogs.

As far as contacting someone at Blogger, that is much more problematic. Try posting in the Blogger support forums.

Cynthia Coleman

One of my blogs is missing most of the settings since a few days ago. I don’t know if I accidentally clicked something or what happened.

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