Learn Skitch in 3 Minutes Flat

Skitch, Cool Picture Annotating and Image Editing Software for Apple Computers

This Skitch Video shows you some of the cool things you can do with the program. I’m still waiting for an invite but based on what I see, it allows you to do so many things with ease. Can’t wait to take it for a test drive on my Mac.

For those that would like to see some actual examples of how the program has been used check out the posting: Repairing Apple iMac G5 Motherboards. You can do all types of things with this program such as screen shots with comments, arrows, highlights, and graphics added. Really cool.

If you are reading this and have an invite for Skitch; how about sending me one at my Fridays e-mail contact. I would be eternally grateful. Thanks.

Update: I’d like to personally thank the Plasq Crew for an invite to Skitch.

Oh by-the-way, here are a couple of examples of what you can do with Skitch. See the Tumblr posting: This is the Whopper! 300 Ounces of Gold. And also, check out: My What Big Pipes You Have!

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