Deja Vu Marketing

Internet Marketing Deja Vu

“If you think you know what’s coming. You don’t have a clue.”

“What if you had to tell someone, the most important thing in the world, but you knew they never would believe you?”

“I’d try.”

Deja Vu

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Touchstone Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films

Deja Vu The Movie

“If you thought it was all in your head, prepare yourself for the truth.”

Prepare yourself for the truth. I always thought the marketing message for this movie was really cool and quite viral in nature. Someone did a great job by taking one of the movie’s key taglines and gave us a sneak peek for stirring up our emotions to really want to discover more.

Are you stirring up emotions for your readers on your website to want to discover more? One of the most important things in the world, for your business, is having a dynamic online presence. With a marketing and advertising message that will reap quality sales leads and more customers for your business.

Deja Vu Marketing

Deja Vu Internet Marketing

It’s that familiar feeling… It’s that fleeting sensation… It’s that flash of memory, when you recognize an object. It’s Deja Vu.

Internet Deja Vu Marketing

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