Cast Your Vote On The Internet For Your Business

Today Is Election Day For The United States, But Everyday Is Election Day For Internet Marketing And Your Business.

Are you making your Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer vote count on the Internet? Is your business up to the task of providing valuable information on the Internet? Will your company make a difference in its small or large market segments crowd? Or, will your company disenfranchise your target audience?

Your website is an extension of your business on the Internet. As such, are you really taking the opportunity of the publicity that could be generated through the process of providing information to future customers? The Internet is about votes and campaigning for votes. The more votes generated by users online the higher your online search standing will be. The Internet has voids or holes that need to be filled. For example, information about certain topics is very limited except in very narrow market segments. Many times the information is only in the heads of a few company owners rather than written down in a hard or soft copy format.

Why are you holding back? I believe most times a business holds back from publishing an article is not because they are concerned about sharing proprietary information, but because it simply takes a certain amount of effort to get their butts in gear and write an article in the first place. Most items that are of a proprietary nature can be encapsulated in generalities instead of the sharing of specific information. This is an opportunity to set the standards in your particular industry. Set your company’s brand apart from the rest of the B2B or B2C crowd, as being the expert in what ever specific field you are in.

Writing an article does not necessarily mean going into a long discourse, but the sharing of information in a well thought out format that will engage the reader and not make your readers bored. In an article by Chuck McKay, The Fifteen Minute Effective Business Letter, Chuck gives practical advice for writing a good business letter. Well, that advice could also be taken to heart for writing an effective article online. Think of writing online as the extension of your business. Communicate with your customers and future customers with a respect for their time they deserve, by highlighting the important information fist. Give a summary of your important points first. Throw out the formal writing styles and put it into the way you personally communicate with customers. Most potential customers around the Net are not interested in wasting their time reading something that sounds like it came from their College English Professor.

A picture of the product, service, or even your company logo can very easily be included in an online article using any of the free professional blogging softwares that are available. The blogging software can be integrated into the business website itself, so the article could reside directly at the company’s website host and be edited at anytime in the future. Read about Blogging With Professional Web Services.

Writing the article, and publishing it online provides valuable benefits toward your company’s Internet marketing strategy. Research is never ending for engineers and consumers. Getting the article in the right hands can provide valuable natural links from other website owners. Through the process of writing the article online, then actively promoting that same article through Internet marketing strategies can bring in substantial new customers online than ever before. Part of the Internet marketing strategy could include search engine marketing through a Pay-Per-Click advertising program with the various search engines. Think of the article that was just written as a specific landing page for a target audience. Using the Pay-Per-Click advertising program, an ad can be displayed in the search engine results pages with a very specific target audience in-mind. Then, anytime an engineer or consumer searches for the terms that are selected as search keywords, your company ad could show up in the paid results.

Once an article has been published online, it has the potential to become voted on by others on the World Wide Web. This voting takes place through natural links that would be generated on other websites to your published article. This voting by others in the form of links, helps establish the article as providing valuable information and therefor, the search engines will rank the article accordingly based on this factor and others.

So, start writing your articles today. Professional Web Services can help get you started. Contact us for Internet marketing services today.

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