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Well, I finally did it!
by: Jim Warholic

I finally decided to create a blog with my name in the URL, to dare I say, market myself online. There were a number of reasons to do this. Sharing information, giving out the URL to family and friends, personal branding, marketing and advertising, or in this case, the number one reason was to have a central location for all the links and information to various online sections of interest.

Staying on top of all the information from an Internet perspective is a challenge. Just trying to remember where I wrote an article online, or on what website is equally difficult. I find that I search on our Professional Web Services various blogs and websites for articles that I wrote in the past, so that a reference could be made in a current article. I had to create custom search areas online, in order to search out these previously published articles.

Maybe Google Had Me In Mind

Google just recently came out with a customizable search engine that anyone can build. This really has helped in cataloging and finding all those hundreds of articles written on the Internet. Check out the Internet Marketing Center search engine. If you want to reference it in the future simply add it to your personalized Google Search page by clicking on the Google Gadget button.

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Additionally, Google Custom Site Search provides a means of embedding the search results directly into the website itself. Check out the website search for this site using the Google Search bar found in this search link. Included are the results from this website along with some other Internet sites all searched from one central online location. Try the Google Custom Search now and check out how the results are embedded directly into “According to Jim” website. Try a test search and click the refine the results hyperlink at the top of the search results page, which is providing search results based on this website and other websites.

By the way, you can also visit me on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays too. Maybe in the future, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays websites will follow along also.

This is the first posting of this blog. The overall Internet theme is East, West, North, and South. That just about covers everything I think. Right?

By-the-way, did you know that you can get to the top at the north pole, the bottom — at the south pole, but you can never ever get to the end of the west, or ever get to the beginning of the east on the earth? In fact, the distance from north to south poles can be measured, but the distance from the east to the west is infinite. Or to say it another way; travel north and you will eventually head south, but travel east and you will never go west, or travel west and you will never go east. This gives new meaning to the words of the bible, “as far as the east is from the west.” Fascinating tidbit of information, don’t you think?

That’s all for now. Customization of the template to follow.

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