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Apple Information for You

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Below is a list of articles for Apple iMac G5 repairs and capacitor replacements:

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Apple iMac G5

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"I found your site through a Google search for iMac G5 repair. I inherited a broken iMac from my mother, which would not boot and made some awful noises. I was not surprised to find burst capacitors inside. You see, I am a former Mac Genius, and handled many many iMac logic board swaps due to the faulty capacitors. Now that the computer is older, the repair extension was expired. I still wanted to get it working, so I was delighted to find not only your helpful instructions, but that you sold exactly the right parts. While I was a Mac Genius, and have done hundreds of repairs on Macs, I have never held a soldering gun nor done any electronic component-level repair. I trained myself quickly using a Teach Yourself to Solder kit on Amazon, and followed your instructions. I am delighted to say that my iMac is in full working order, and is now about as useful as a PPC Mac can be. Thank you so much for your help! Sincerely, N. L."

—N. L. Former Mac Genius

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