Obfuscate Encode HTML or JavaScript

MathObfuscation is the concealment of meaning in communication, making it confusing and harder to interpret.

In cryptography, obfuscation refers to encoding the input data before it is sent to a hash function or other encryption scheme. This technique helps to make brute force attacks unfeasible, as it is difficult to determine the correct cleartext.

In network security, obfuscation refers to methods used to obscure an attack payload from inspection by network protection systems. See Wikipedia for more obfuscation information.

There are many applications both online and offline for encoding HTML code or JavaScript from prying eyes. The online programs work with any computer system including Apple Macs and Linux. In the case of HTML code; converting HTML code to some form of encryption can help conceal information from robot eyes. For example, email addresses that are simply displayed or set as a email link on websites will get significant spam if the email addresses are not concealed from the email harvesting robots. Even form mail is susceptible to spam bots. By using some form of encryption within the form mail itself, can help alleviate the spam gathering robots from being able to gather information automatically online. Here is a free online html Obfuscation and Email Encryption tool that hides the email address or any html from robots.

One of the best free online HTML encryption and JavaScript obfuscation programs can be found at iFrame.in (Not sure what the status is with the current website at the moment). This tool was great because it allows you to obfuscate/encode your HTML or JavaScript. The way it works, is you simply copy your HTML or JavaScript code into the form window, then click the obfuscate button, and it outputs the code in four different formats.

As I find more websites that do a good job encoding html and javascript, I will list them here. Feel free to suggest any online tools or software programs that can be downloaded for free, or are affordable, that do a good job obfuscating HTML and Javascript code. Here is a free and easy to use HTML Encoder and Decoder, plus the Text Escape tool for escaping extended characters. HTML Encoder – Encode URL, Text and Decoder This online application converts HTML or text to javascript. You can use it for small or larger amounts of text in the web page to be converted to javascript. Note: No encoder will fully hide the information if someone really wants to figure it out. However, this encoder makes it much harder to see from quick prying eyes and the online robots.

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