Go Daddy 1000 eMails SMTP Relay Limit

Sorry Godaddy, the last straw for virtual dedicated server with a Plesk Control panel.

About six months ago I started receiving the following email message.


Dear James,

You have reached your current SMTP relay limit of 1000 per day on the following hosting account:

Hosting Services


Your hosting server will be unable to send email until the daily SMTP relay limit is reset. The daily SMTP relay limit is reset on all accounts at midnight MST.


If you need to send more than 1000 emails per day from your hosting server, you can request an increase through Customer Support. However, increase requests must be justified and must not violate our anti-spam policy.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support:

+ Online Support: https://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/

+ Email: support@godaddy.com
+ Phone: (480) 505-8877

Thanks again for being a GoDaddy.com Hosting customer.


I followed all the procedures per Godaddy recommendations for preventing unauthorized use of my email servers from sending spam from others. Made sure my email relays were closed. Made sure I did not have any catchall email accounts. This however did not stop the problem and the incoming messages from Godaddy. I sent an email to Godaddy, but was surprised to find out that this was going to be a $75.00 charge for trouble shooting the problem, with no guarantee that it would be fixed. Not good enough for me. After doing a search online, I saw that others were experiencing the same exact problem related to Godaddy virtual dedicated hosting.  So, sorry Godaddy, love your domain name registration, but virtual dedicated hosting with Plesk control panel leaves a lot to be desired. Yes, I had other complaints with the Plesk control panel. Future reference, go with a Cpanel over Plesk. Cpanel control panel offers a lot more options to make your web life a lot easier from a webmaster point of view.

So, I moved on to a new hosting company. That will be a future article.

By-the-way, my suspicion of the problem with the Godaddy Virtual Dedicated server account is to do with something called email dictionary attacks. What spammers are doing is inundating in a matter of seconds, a dictionary attack to try to find other emails on a particular domain name. I believe they are using a form gateway to get into the server, however briefly, and launch the dictionary attack. This causes the SMTP gateway to get flagged for the Godaddy account. At that point, you have no recourse than to wait it out till midnight for Godaddy to automatically reset the SMTP email relay gateway, so you can then send and receive emails.


I called GoDaddy today to find out more about the “virtual dedicated server” offering. They said that the SMTP limit is only for OUTBOUND email.

There is no limit to the number of incoming SMTP connections – so spammers can accost your domains all they want without you exceeding any limitations. When the spammer connects to GoDaddy’s relay server and tries to guess an email for you, it does not acount against your limits.

The only thing that counts is when YOUR virtual server makes an OUTBOUND connection to GoDaddy’s relay server. If you try to make more than 1,000 connections in a day, then you get cut off until midnight.

So, unless GoDaddy is lying to me, it sounds like your difficulty is that you are indeed running an open relay server or something.

(And since you don’t have the technical expertise to diagnose and fix it yourself, they want to bill you for them to login to your machine and reconfigure it for you. )

If that’s not what’s going on, it would be extremely interesting to know what the real deal is there.


I can assure you that I had been through all the email settings of all the sites and did not have any open relays.

However, there is a good possibility of a forwarded email address is like having the SMTP relay limit go against the outbound email count with a forward. This is just conjecture on my part. I did in fact have some email addresses with forwards, with no email accounts specific for some of the forwards on the server. The emails would go straight through to the forward and not go to an email box on the virtual server. So, it is possible that these were going against me for the outbound count also.

Once again, I was not willing to pay $75.00 to get an answer from Godaddy that either they could not figure the problem out, or an answer that said the forwards were the problem. Nor was Godaddy willing to answer any questions at all, without paying the $75.00 in the first place. OK, so the bottom-line decision, I was not willing to relinquish the email forwards, not willing to pay for the customer service, so I switched hosting providers.


FYI to Everyone

I also made sure of the following was not bouncing back emails to to others for any of the email accounts.

This is from Godaddy Help

There is a daily limit of 1,000 outbound emails from your dedicated/virtual dedicated server. There are several other reasons besides “standard email” that can cause you to reach this daily restriction. The following are a few things you can check:

Verify That Your Domain Name is Not Sending Out Bouncebacks.

The default Plesk setting is to bounce email sent to non-existent users. This means that if your domain is coolexample.com, and someone sends an email to a non-existent user (ex: johndoe@coolexample.com), it is defaulted to send a message back saying “This user does not exist”. If your domain receives a lot of incoming mail to non-existent users, the daily limit can be hit in no time.

Jim Warholic

That’s a possibility. I was using a form mail at the time. Are there any things that can be done to stop the attacks or reduce the impact on the email server of the mail form script attacks?


I would say that your best way of stopping the form mail attacks is to use Captcha (i.e. the same type of post verification that is used to post comments here)


I realize this is an old thread – but the problem continues for me and others, no doubt… In my world, the problem is certainly the email forwards that are being set up for certain domains. Some of my clients can’t work any other way than having their domain emails forwarded (love them AOL folks). So – if they get spammed, then my virtual server’s mail system forwards the spam – and that counts against all domains on the server. Yuck.

I gotta believe the solution is to have a reliable spam filter that rejects 99% of the spam before the forward. I can’t seem to get the PLESK provided tools to do much rejection and I’m not even sure the filters run prior to the forward.

BTW – godaddy didn’t want to charge me the same $75 – I just need to ask for an increase in the number. But, I was using a bounceback mechanism to inform legit users of an email address change and godaddy completely shut down ALL email, in and out, until I turned it off.

Hints how to setup the spam filters and/or tweak settings within the system would help us who are still struggling.


I just got done setting up a fully dedicated server with godaddy. and even though I did have to setup a gateway to relay smartermail through their relay server everything seems to be running fine. However your post blog post does concern me as I have another client I am going to move to the same dedicated plan, and he does have a maillist. I am just worried about Godaddy getting over protective with what emails they will let through. As I always get a few bounces in our maillist. Just don't want them to freak out when this happends.


I just wanted to follow up. I have since bought my own server, and colocated it here locally. I found that Godaddy's mail relays have a terrible Reputation on SenderScore.org. If you don't have your own IP for your mail server you can't join the feedback loops and therefore you will never be able to keep a clean list, and raise your senderscore. After moving to the colocated box, with my own IP, I was able to get my senderscore up and my open rates jumped from 400 to 1050. If anyone is thinking of using Godaddy for any kind of email campaigns, you should really consider getting your own box where your ISP doesn't play god with the outgoing SMTP ports. I took the time to put together list of what you need to do if you are running a mail server and getting into the inbox is important for you

Jonathan Buhacoff

Hi, I had a GoDaddy account also and had trouble sending out emails. So I actually created a web service called http2smtp.com (at another web host, obviously) that allows any site to send out emails using http which is usually not blocked. It also manages opt-in/opt-outs and email templates nicely. Again it's very new and I'm offering a free trial and I welcome everyone to try it and give me feedback. I wrote PHP and Java clients for it already. Jonathan

Neo Cambell

GoDaddy doesn’t support external SMTPs. I found a nice solution to WordPress to throttle email over a time period at ExpertCore. GoDaddy has a 1000 recipients per day limitation so this sorted out my problem. This works perfectly with Subscribe2.


I’m using godaddy. I thought they’d be cheap and that’s the only reason I chose them but I’ve had nothin but headaches with these guys from start to finish. Honestly if you want to take your business to the web do not think about using godaddy they suck biiig time!

Jim Warholic


Just to set the record straight a bit, I do have to say, that Go Daddy is still very good on the domain names front. Go Daddy is certainly a cheap means of hosting for many individuals that are interested in putting up a fast website, though it is quite limited on the tools that are available when compared to more traditional forms of hosting. There are however work around options for emailing, even if you are using Go Daddy hosting. I would suggest looking into Google Apps for email and various cloud based applications for business. The free Google Apps version provides plenty of firepower for email (50 users for free) and other web based applications that make it a very powerful starting point for any small company wanting to get a great email service.



Just found your blog and thought I would add my 2 cents…

I have a dedicated server with a limit of 1000 emails per day. Now I PLAN to host around 25-50 domains on this server.

Godaddy better hope they increase that limit when the time comes… or they will lose a big spending customer



You will be sadly surprised. I have the same situation and have not been able to increase the limit – the excuse they have is that there is a spamming issue – and instead of helping you solve it they just KILL your email service.

All the instructions have been followed – and there’s NO way to solve it.

I honestly believe there is a bad configuration on their side – and they don’t take the time to check it out. With the access that we as customers are provided – we can’t fix it.

This is very serious and sad that they know we are many customers with this experience and still they think it is a customer. However if you pay expert hands fees – you don’t know the cost – and you won’t know the truth – but do we have a choice?

Why does a good company like Godaddy – give us such a low blow!


I Agree Completely! I just setup a dedicated server and anytime I contact support, they say “Sorry, it’s your server, you have to manage it”.. I got a dedicated server for that reason, I was tired of hosting companies levying and restricting our growth.

We have almost 100 domains.. I have moved approximatley 20 over, only maybe 5-6 are using email right now and I’m consistently hitting their limits. What am I supposed to tell 100 clients, “You can only send 10 emails per day for your whole business..” ?, “I know you have 60 employees, but your just going to have to take turns sending mail, Judy can send emails on Monday, Sally can send on Tues.. etc..”

Why would anyone get a dedicated server with 600gb of storage and 1500gb of bandwidth it they didn’t plan on hosting a bunch of sites.. with a bunch of email users?

I asked this same question to GoDaddy support and, I swear to god, the answer back was, “I am not allowed to discuss that with you”..

What?? Am I missing something here? Did I misunderstand the sales person when he said I should get the “Unlimited Domain” version of Plesk? Why? What did he think I was gonna use it for? Domains with no email accounts..

This is the craziest thing I have ever come across in all my years of hosting sites..



I think you guys are confusing the issues here. Domain registration, Web hosting, and Email are 3 completely different things.
For the guys with the dedicated and virtual dedicated plans: The limit is 1000 smtp relays per day. A relay is a connection to the server. When a connection is made, the limit is reduced by 1, whether actual mail is sent or not. Now here’s the problem; Email clients.
Email clients are generally set to send and receive mail every 5 to 10 minutes on average. Well, there are only 24 hours in a day; 60 minutes in an hour; 60×24 is 1440 minutes. Divide the number of minutes in a day by the email clients scheduled delivery rate. If the scheduled delivery rate is 10 minutes then you get 144 relays. If the scheduled delivery rate is 5 minutes then you get 288 relays. You haven’t sent a single message. This is just the email client establishing a connection every 5 & 10 minutes. Now throw in unscheduled deliveries when you actually try to send email to one or more people. The limit can be reached quickly depending on the schedule.
The fix is simple. Change the delivery schedule to 30 minutes or more.

Jim Warholic

@ Dedrick

If you are running a business, chances are you have more than one email account, and chances are you need to get and check for emails fast. Having a delivery schedule of 30 minutes or more is not acceptable to check email. It’s not as though a check every 10 minutes is excessive or overloading the server. Heck, many other service providers can handle it with no problems at all.

Yes, domain registration, web hosting, and emails are 3 completely different things. The point of this is Godaddy virtual server hosting is not really configured well to handle multiple email accounts.

Kevin Beach

I’ve just registered a new business domain through Godaddy and as I’m short of time at the moment I accepted their offer to host my emails and website for the time being. In the past 24 hours I have sent four emails to a total of 10 recipients. Two have replied saying they’ve received multiple copies (nine and counting), and so have suggested I have a virus. Yet my AVG Internet Security 2011 Professional is full up to date and says it can find no problems on a full scan.

Now I have received the message telling me that I have reached my daily relay SMTP limit, which moved me to Google for comments on it, which brought me here.

Reading this thread makes me wonder whether something has hit the Godaddy virtual server and multiplied my messages, using up my daily relays at the same time.

I think I’ll move hosts!

Imran Lakhani

I am facing the same problem of GoDaddy with 1000 limits of relay, and with all these messages made me sure that i’ll have to switch from GoDaddy to some other, my question is which one? which is the best to offer hosting and email plans without these restrictions and limitations. Please Help!

Jim Warholic

There are lots of good hosting providers with good pricing. I am not going to recommend one over another here. I suggest you check out the online hosting forums for feedback. Also, here is my criteria for hosting.

* Stay away from free hosting. Too many spammers on these types of severs. This creates problems with other hosting providers blocking emails from you, even if you are not spamming yourself.

* Read the hosting policy to make sure no adult sites are allowed on the servers.

* I like a cPanel for the control panel. Typically this would be found on a Linux server.

There are other features to look for, but I consider the top three to be the most important.

Additionally, make sure you don’t do things with your email that might be considered to be spam.

Do not have a catch-all email. This brings problems to you.



How foolish I am, wished I had seen this before I decided to go dedicated with GoDaddy! I planned to use this dedicated server only for hosting one domain and that is for my newsletter base. The first day I set it live, I noticed only few people received the newsletter and to my horror.. 1000 emails/day? I contacted the customer service immediately, and I expressed my confusion and requirement. I want to bypass their smtp-relay but I couldn’t and here I thought dedicated server means total control over your server?


We are continually running into this issue with godaddy and will look for other services to eliminate this silly daily volume limit. They says its their spam control, but I dont believe them. They can see that we’ve been doing this for years with them….and even see the emails that are being generated…simply halting emails because of a daily volume is not good spam control.

Pranjal Bhadauria

Spammers use random e-mail addresses to perform dictionary e-mail attacks i.e. they would use your account to send e-mails to a list of e-mail addresses that they have generated.

1) I installed Trend Micro, ran a total scan
2) Sent an e-mail using webmail and the over-quota was removed

Though GoDaddy is not of help in case you want to send more than the set limit on your account. Except for paying extra bucks to get more relays per account per day.

Hope it helps.


I am heartbroken to find out that Godaddy will not allow me to send more than 1000 emails a day on my dedicated server. i have already moved 30/101 of my clients’ website to their stupid hosting before discovering this. Please what do i do? can anyone suggest the best host that has no limitation on their vps email sending limits.

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