A Wise Wize Service Tip

The Wize Rank

When doing research online for a new product such as a computer, printer, TVs, or PDAs, it is nice to be able to read a “trusted source” with information from the consumer and or business user’s feedback about the products and features.

Wize is an online central location where large numbers of people evaluate the products. The trademarked Wize Rank is according to their website, “is completely impartial, and cannot be manipulated.”

The essence of the Wize Rank is an algorithm designed to evaluate the following factors:

1. Differences in scale and type of reviewer
2. Statistical uncertainty of user ratings (margin of error)
3. Reliability of expert reviewers
4. Statistical confidence in expert and user ratings

As a product has been in the market place for some time, the product develops a larger number of reviews and ratings from various sources online. By taking those reviews and ratings, and processing the statistical information through an automated algorithm, Wize can generate a Wize Rank number. In addition to that, Wize also measures and takes into account what the early buzz of a new product is, and gives more emphasis to a product that has more reviews, so that, as a product that might have a great early buzz to it may in fact turn out to be a poor performer later.

This measure is intended to protect consumers from buying a product whose early buzz is strong, but is later proven to be a poor performer.

Here is an example of a multifunction copier, printer, FAX, and scanner machine from Wize. These types of printers are known as Multifunction Copiers, MFC.

Screen Shot From Wize of Brother MFC Printers

I have personally owned a Brother MFC-9600 for years, and can personally vouch for what these types of devices can do for a business or in personal use, such as: automatic document feeds for scanning and faxing, and optical character recognition, OCR software for transforming a text image to a true text document. So, as I was doing some research online for someone interested in a new printer, scanner, copier, and FAX machine; it was interesting seeing how all the Brother All-In-One printers rank in the Wize Ranking.

So, enjoy your wise Wize service tip of the day.

Jim the Internet marketing, corporate web builder at Professional Web Services.