World Time Server For Your Business

Are You Operating A Business 9 to 5, 7 to 3, 10 to 6, Or Anytime?

Well, a website functions 24 hours a day, and can be found from anywhere around the globe. If your business is a type of service related business, or provides some form of phone support, it is wise to have your local time on display. When a visitor comes to your B2B, Business 2 Business, or B2C, Business 2 Consumer website from their location somewhere else in the world, and you have a phone number for access, it is smart to let your customers, and future customers know what time it is at your business location. A good place to place the clock is on your contact page, with your business hours displayed. This way a customer will know what time it is where he or she is calling.

There are several ways of doing that. One way is to use a javascript that is dependent on the user’s local computer time. That however, does not always reflect the actual time of your business. The visitor could have their clock set wrong, or be using or not using automatic daylight savings time settings. Depending on how the javascript is written for displaying the time on their computer for your location it could be off by an hour or more.

There are some javascripts that display the time from a world time server. This provides a main reference not dependent on the user’s computer. But, some of the coding that needs to be placed in the website can be quite extensive.

Here is another option for displaying the time from World Time Server that I think is pretty and cool. The time feature is a Flash file clock display in your choice of color and location. The clock is not dependent on a person’s computer but is generated from the off site time server location. The clock can be made to be virtually any size you wish and also post it on any web page or blog posting. If you place it in the blog posting for Blogger, you will need to add the </embed> tag to the end.

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