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Do You Have The Time?
by: Jim Warholic
My Internet marketing timepiece message for the world wide web.

Yesterday, my favorite watch, the Casio DW-290-T, that I have had for ten or more years decided that it had had enough. It started out with, getting dimmer when the electro luminescent backlight was pressed. So I figured it was time to get a new battery. Driving over to the local Target store at 8:30 pm on a Saturday evening, it would simply be a matter of installing a new battery. As “Murphy’s Law” would have it, when dealing with time, this was not going to be the case.

My first clue that this was going to be an extended visit should have been when I approached the watch counter and asked for a battery for my Casio watch. The clerk behind the counter asked me, “do I know the battery model number?” “Well sure, just let me borrow your small phillips screwdriver and I can give you the battery model number,” I said. The sales clerk said, “we no longer have any tools to work on the watches.” “OK…, let me see if my trusty Leatherman multi-purpose tool had anything that would work,” I said.

Fortunately, the screws on the back of the watch were both slotted and phillips style. I had a small screwdriver on the Leatherman that worked just fine. After I got the back cover of the watch off, the clerk was able to see the battery number. She provided a new battery at the cost of four dollars and some change. I thought this would be great. I’ll be back in time… Foolish me.

While I was assembling the watch back together, the clerk asked if she could recycle the old battery for me. I said, “sure.” Big mistake. The new battery would not work in the watch. Or, should I say the watch would not work with the new battery. Making sure the battery was in properly, pushing buttons, taking it in and out again several times, had absolutely no success in getting that stupid watch to function again. Now my favorite trusted timepiece became a stupid timepiece.

The sales clerk during this time was helping out other customers and would occasionally come back to my counter area. She felt bad this had happened. I assured her it was not her fault. I stated to her, “Let me try my old battery, at least that one was functioning before I took it out.” “Well, um, let me see if I can find it,” she said. At that, she went over to the container of old batteries, which contained about a hundred or more of various types and sizes of batteries. She said, “I think it is this one. The one on top. But, I can’t get it out.” So, I start digging, and digging. Getting frustrated, I dump out the whole jar on to the counter. Separating the same style battery as mine into a pile. Only a dozen or so of that style batteries were present.

I start trying battery after battery with no luck. No display at all. Murphy’s Law finally took its toll on my time. Time to move on. Get a new watch. OH, how I hate shopping for watches. This one had too many buttons and was hard to figure out. Another had a display that could barely be seen, unless you had the eyes of a 18 year old. I just couldn’t seem to find the right timepiece.

“How late are you open,” I asked the clerk. “10:00 pm,” she responded. “OK, I might be back,” I said.

Trudging over to the local Longs Drug Store, where I had remembered that they also carried watches, I decided to give them a try. I finally found a watch that I could see with my own eyes, the buttons had just the right touch, and it did not take a rocket scientist to figure out how to operate it.

I am sure that many of you can relate to the time story. What is interesting is how this time story relates to matters on the Web. The Internet is a media outlet for B2B, B2C, and C2C. It is a marketing, advertising, and sales channel that really is difficult to encapsulate into one definition. Many B2B and B2C businesses want a website presence without doing much work. They want instantaneous gratification with an immediate website presence, that their website is showing up in the top search results for their marketing keywords, and the website becomes a powerful sales and marketing tool for their sales people to use. Time and time again, Presidents, CEOs, owners, and management of both large and small business fail to realize the amount of time it takes to develop an online web presence.

Developing a good web presence encompasses so many aspects of a business’s soul in order to have a successful online presence. Time is the one item that will definitely be at the forefront of setting up and maintaining a website, Internet marketing, advertising online, and web branding the company across a wide area of online distribution channels. If the company is involved in a vary narrow vertical market segment or technical engineering area of expertise, then writing, or at the very least supplying an outline of the topic, from company staff will be a prerequisite for developing a good website. Good Internet marketing companies can provide immense help in the area of writing and editing content for selected keywords, fine tuning from a search engine optimization – SEO and Web branding perspective, online advertising strategies, search engine marketing, customizing and/or designing search engine friendly website templates, and Web branding strategic marketing ideas. But, marketing online still comes back to the business of sharing knowledgeable information, in a customer centric way, through good writing styles and online communication skills.

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Internet Marketing Central For Online Jim

Well, I finally did it!
by: Jim Warholic

I finally decided to create a blog with my name in the URL, jimwarholic.com to dare I say, market myself online. There were a number of reasons to do this. Sharing information, giving out the URL to family and friends, personal branding, marketing and advertising, or in this case, the number one reason was to have a central location for all the links and information to various online sections of interest.

Staying on top of all the information from an Internet perspective is a challenge. Just trying to remember where I wrote an article online, or on what website is equally difficult. I find that I search on our Professional Web Services various blogs and websites for articles that I wrote in the past, so that a reference could be made in a current article. I had to create custom search areas online, in order to search out these previously published articles.

Maybe Google Had Me In Mind

Google just recently came out with a customizable search engine that anyone can build. This really has helped in cataloging and finding all those hundreds of articles written on the Internet. Check out the Internet Marketing Center search engine. If you want to reference it in the future simply add it to your personalized Google Search page by clicking on the Google Gadget button.

Add this search engine to your Google homepage Add to Google

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Additionally, Google Custom Site Search provides a means of embedding the search results directly into the website itself. Check out the website search for this site using the Google Search bar found in this search link. Included are the results from this website along with some other Internet sites all searched from one central online location. Try the Google Custom Search now and check out how the results are embedded directly into “According to Jim” website. Try a test search and click the refine the results hyperlink at the top of the search results page, which is providing search results based on this website and other websites.

By the way, you can also visit me on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays too. Maybe in the future, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays websites will follow along also.

This is the first posting of this blog. The overall Internet theme is East, West, North, and South. That just about covers everything I think. Right?

By-the-way, did you know that you can get to the top at the north pole, the bottom — at the south pole, but you can never ever get to the end of the west, or ever get to the beginning of the east on the earth? In fact, the distance from north to south poles can be measured, but the distance from the east to the west is infinite. Or to say it another way; travel north and you will eventually head south, but travel east and you will never go west, or travel west and you will never go east. This gives new meaning to the words of the bible, “as far as the east is from the west.” Fascinating tidbit of information, don’t you think?

That’s all for now. Customization of the template to follow.

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