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Left and Right Minded Internet Marketing

Adele Revella is the developer of the acclaimed Pragmatic Marketing® seminar, Effective Product Marketing, wrote an article titled, "Right-brained or left-brained marketing"

Laura Ramos, Forrester Research’s analyst for B2B Marketing wrote a research paper, entitled "Segmentation vs Personas, Where Should B2B Marketers Start?." Laura reports that B2B marketers are way behind their B2C peers in developing effective messaging and marketing strategies, and that the source of our problem is that we don’t use both sides of our brain.

Websites and Internet Marketing

The emphasis should be to use both right-minded and left-minded marketing approaches when targeting B2B Web buyers, B2C online consumers, and technology companies. This is even more significant given the speed at which buyers and consumers are searching the Internet for the products or services being sought after. Remember, the back button is only one click of the mouse away. I say that to place emphasis on the fact that you only have a small window of opportunity to convert a visitor into a potential customer. Websites must be able to target both sides of the brain in order to convert visitors into paying customers.

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