Internet Speed Test For DSL, Cable Modems, And Dial-Up

Verify Your Upload And Download Speeds From Your Internet Service Provider

Check Your ISP Internet Speed Connection. Are you curious to know how fast a connection you have through your Cable, DSL, or Dial Up connection? Well, there are numerous free services online that you simply go to their websites and select a location to connect to online and the program tells you how fast a connection you have to and from that web location.

Here are a couple of providers of this service.

Speakeasy.Net SPEED TEST

What these tests are good for is determining the actual speed that you can really upload, download, and surf online when using your Cable, DSL, or Dial-up modem. Many of the ISP service providers claim that you can go at a certain speed, but now you know how to verify if what they say about your Internet connection is true. One note and suggestion: Try a couple of different website locations to make sure that the speed is not being slowed down by a slow website connection on the opposite end as opposed to the ISP’s Internet pipe throughput.

If your Cable or DSL Internet connection is not up to speed, you might try getting another IP address for yourself too.

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